Clear the Decks

Or in this case the racks. I loaded the salt kiln yesterday and fired off today. That pretty much wiped out all the pots I had made save a few odds and ends. This is nice as I am ready to move on and make some earthenware for the next few months.

This evening I got the frame for my fiber roof all welded together and ready to go. I have to fire some clay 'buttons' that I'll use to hold the fiber to the frame.
So far I've not spent a dime on this new kiln. I had all the brick in storage and I found a 10 ft. piece of culvert pipe to use as the chimney. I have the burners too so hopefully by the time I get a few pots made I'll be ready to fire it off.

I took a little hiatus to Athens Ga late last week. I needed to get away and Athens is a place I really love. More than Asheville even. Anyhow, I'll write a bit about all that later. Hope everyone had a great Monday.