Ice Pack

I don't feel like I've done my usual amount of blog posting this week. I have been working some and I did unload the salt kiln on Wednesday. I had good results although there were some dishes in the back that will have to be refired because they came out a little dry. It was mostly a load of plates, bakers, bowls and mugs. I am all caught up on orders for now and I'm going to be working in earthenware for the next couple months and see where that takes me.

The baker below was especially nice and of course made me see the beauty of this work. For now though it's going to take some time off. I will certainly come back to making stoneware I think.I made this really big dish sometime before Christmas, I finally had room for it in the kiln.
I had about twice this many plates in the kiln. If I keep making this many dishes I need to invest in some plate setters for the salt kiln.
A couple cups.
I'm embarrassed to say I injured my back this week. I'm sitting here bolt upright now with an ice pack on. I think I started the damage by picking up some big buckets of reclaim clay early in the week. Unloading all my dry materials later on certainly aggravated the problem more. So I guess I'll try and take things easy over the weekend. I do have some newly made pots to show but I've got to get out there and take a few pics.