All Fired Up!

Last night was the annual All Fired Up event at Clayworks in Charlotte. This is our fundraising party and it's always a lot of fun. There was a good crowd, lots of food and beverage , music and even some pottery entertainment. Here is the ETD Team. That's 'Extreme Throwing Demo' Team. Ha. Anyhow it's some of the instructors from Clayworks. Greg comes up with a plan and we all work towards finishing a work before the night is up.

This year we made a wall piece that represents a stacked kiln setting. We all made pots and assembled the piece towards the end of the night. It will get cut up into sections, bisqued, glazed and fired later on in the year. Hopefully if it comes out well we will be able to auction it off or sell it to raise more money for the studio.
It's fun working in front of a crowd. I sort of try and let go and just do things I normally wouldn't do. For example I made a couple teapots and assembled them wet. I think I actually came up with some good ideas for some pots I'll make this week. Just letting go will often lead to new things.

There are more pics on Becky's blog. And there will probably be some on Amy's blog and maybe Jen's at some point in the week.

My back is feeling better. I wasn't able to take Paul's advice on how to fix it, but I think just giving it a rest Friday and Saturday helped.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.