Wednesday's Adventures

I headed out early yesterday to go to the Farmer's Market in Shelby and then hit the highway on the road to Asheville NC. I went to Highwater Clays to pick up some plate setters and some other odds and ends.

I then headed to Flat Rock NC to drop off my pots for the Animals, Animals, Animals exhibit at Hand in Hand Gallery. It was fun to catch up with my friends David and Molly who own the gallery. David is getting ready to build a wood kiln. He's really excited and asked me if I'd be willing to put a few pots in the first firing. There is a great bakery beside the gallery. I went over thinking I'd get a loaf of bread to bring home and instead ended up having lunch.
Here's a pic of the woodburning oven.
And here is my delicious pizza I had for lunch. Boy it was good. The roasted tomatoes were sweet and savory, it had fresh mozz. , basil, and a thin white sauce. The crust was exceptional.
Wait there's more......(next post)