Quick Post

My blogging and potting pals Doug, Hannah, and Matt have posted about their weekend at ClayArt Wales. It looks like they had a great time, although they all came home exhausted. The bottle kiln they fired looks really fantastic. I've never seen one in real life. It would be fun to have the experience of firing one. Brad Lail, who is from Shelby, was in North Wales during the event and was able to meet them. I'll be looking forward to hearing about Brad's adventures when he gets back home.

My class at Clayworks loaded the gas reduction kiln last night. They did a great job. Becky has some images on her blog.

Well I'm off to make pots. I'll get some images up later. Exciting news...I'm getting an electric kiln to fire my earthenware in and also for bisque for my salt kiln and small gas kiln. I'll keep firing some of the earthenware in the gas kiln until I get it figured out too.