Monday. Holiday?

Well today is a national holiday, but my boss said I had to get in the studio and at least make a few pots. It went rather well for the first half of the day but went downhill when I tried to make pitchers after lunch.

This is platter no. 4 on the left. I am throwing the feet on these. I did some slip squirting on the ones I made last week.I am trying to square off some dishes on the wheel using the 'Briscoe Technique' of pushing the floor with a board while still on the wheel head. It seems to be working and makes for a loose pot. Also a few 4 lb. bowls.
I got these luncheon plates thrown before lunch and then made about 10 pitchers in the afternoon. I only kept those five on the right. (I've all the spouts pointing toward the wall).
Anyhow the boss let me kick off at 3pm. What a generous fellow.

It's getting hot and humid here in the South. Today was the first day I've really felt it out here in the shop.

Sarah and I are taking off for the coast on Thursday. I'll be working steady between now and then so check back often. Thanks!