Productive Monday

I got quite a few pots made today. Most of them ended up under plastic before I had the camera out though. Anyhow, I made mugs, tankards, a couple bowls and jars and some small pitchers. Oh yeah and one casserole.

This cup was left over from the Mint demo and had dried out. I usually do the incising when the pots are leather hard but I had a shot at this one with the needle tool. I got this nice fine line through the white slip.
I've been doing some cross hatching in my journal with pen and ink so I figured since I was getting the fine line that I'd give it a shot on the cup. It worked out okay.
After seeing more of Doug's great jars I decided to try my hand at this more traditional shape. Honestly, I like these kinds of pots, but I really have never been to fond of making them. They just aren't wobbly enough for me. And, well, I haven't taken the time to really work them out. But I gave it a shot and made three, six pounders. The other one is waiting for some slip pours tomorrow.
So here's a chunky, sort of wobbly jar with birds. I made several jars that have this sort of feeling last week. I'll get some shots of them up sometime. All of those had drawings but I'm going to make a few with ladled slip and dots too.
Well that's at least a few things from the workshop. I'll get all my cups and such handled tomorrow and slipped too. I am getting ready for my Summer Sale which is in a couple weeks. I've got to start glazing and firing soon.