Slow Start

Karma and I are just hanging out inside for a while this morning. Every now and then she'll bring me her bone and I have to throw it across the room. (I am well trained)

Had a long night at Clayworks last night and then sort of stayed up too late once I got back home. So I am just now having my first cup of tea and doing some drawing with the dip pen.

I've gotten up for the past 3 days and walked/ran on the treadmill. I hate to exercise. I had a membership at the Y for a while but I just hated going over there. It's just not my thing. Anyhow, so we got this treadmill a while back, I do need to be working on my cardio and watching what I eat. I read somewhere that if you do something for 21 days straight that your brain gets programed to do it and you form a new habit.

I have some vases and jars to finish up in the studio today. Tomorrow I'll start glazing and fire for my home sale over the weekend.

I'll get some pics up later of pots or whatever. Have a good day!