Here are my plates from today. I had fun trailing slip on some of these and doing finger wipes on a couple. I am sort of getting into the whole free wheeling slip trail thing. I've been too lazy to really mix up my trailing slips to the proper consistency so sometimes it's hit or miss. I need to just take time to mix up some little containers of thick slip and then I could use those to trail.I tried doing some of my drawing/incising on bone dry pots today. I had these plates (below) and a board of mugs and a few bowls. It's much different than working on the leather hard pot. I like that I can sort of sketch out the design in pencil on the dry slip and then draw with my needle tool or a loop wire tool. The line is finer than working on leather hard pots, but it's more work in that I have to push harder and really scratch through the dry slip. I think I like working on the leather hard pot better. I think I like the line quality I get on the leather hard pot too.
After seeing Brad today I had to get my Doug fix so I gave him a call and we had a long talk. We are looking forward to someday meeting in person. Until then it's blogging and calling.

Sarah is off visiting with her mom and sisters. I was going over for dinner but decided to stick it out at home. Karma and I are chilling on the couch until bedtime.