Cups etc

Sometimes at a show I'll have a customer ask me what my 'signature pot' is. They may be a new customer starting a collection or someone wanting to buy a gift for someone. I usually say that cups are my signature pot. This seems to throw them off, I guess they expect me to point out some fancy jar or a teapot, something predominate and expensive. That would probably be a better answer, if I was going for the big bucks but honestly, cups are my thing. I like making cups/mugs and yunomi more than just about anything else. Plates are a close second, and then probably bowls.

Cups are a challenge, they are the pots that people will use everyday sometimes, the handle is very important, and the lip too. I've enjoyed decorating cups since I've started making slipware, and I've started making some new shapes and sizes. Here are a few more from the firing. I shot a couple more things too since I had my fancy plywood table set up.