More Pots

I made 8 or 10 of these altered dishes. I have most of them in today's firing but here is an amber one that came out yesterday.I thought this little bit of slip trailing came out nice on this soap dish. I don't know that I'll do much of this sort of thing although it really lends itself to my drawing style. Maybe with some practice I'll do more.
I wanted to talk about this technique below. I've been meaning to try it for some time now and finally remembered to do it on some pots. First I covered the pot in black slip and later in white slip. When the pot reached bone dry I scratched through the white slip to reveal the black underneath, giving me a black line. I could also go a bit deeper and get the clay body to come through if I wanted.
You could try this with any contrasting slips and then use a clear or transparent glaze over top. It works best if you wait to do the drawing when the pot is bone dry, otherwise you just end up scratching through both slips.

Off to the Farmer's Market. Happy Saturday.