Successful Summer Sale

I had my most successful summer sale ever this past weekend. Lots of folks came out to see the new work and I sold over twice as much earthenware as I did stoneware. The new work was certainly a hit ( I guess I'm gonna have it stop calling it 'new' at some point).Here is little Guthrie Sanders, six days old, at his first pottery sale. It meant so much to me that Amy, Brian, and Mrs. Sanders came all the way from Charlotte with Guthrie. It was my first time seeing the little guy and he's a sweetie.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the sale. I had many out of towners including folks from Clayworks, where I teach. Vicki Gill from Gastonia came out too. It was nice to catch up with her. She left me an EP of the band that her son Spencer is in down in Florida, Tides of Man.

I didn't take many pics so I'll direct you to Becky and John's blogs. Elaine came out with Becky and John. I think after they left my house they went in search of some cow manure for the next barrel firing.

I need to mix clay this week as well as run some tests. I am still wanting to work on my green slip and glaze. I have some pots to ship today as well.

Check back in often as I'll be posting what's happening around the pottery.

Thanks again for everyone's support!!