Monday's Work

Sometimes, like right now, Blogger just wants to do crazy things, like underline anything I type above these cups. Or load the pictures sideways, which I finally cut out after trying 6 times.

So I'm gonna start the text down here...

Here. Ah. Breathe.
Today was productive. That, for me, meaning I got some pots made and I don't think they're rubbish, or not yet any how. It could all change as the handles go on, slip, and decoration commences. However, for now, it's all good. Cups were made... see above.

I made this board of 4 bowls and later looking at them I thought the one on the left would make a good body for a jar. So I made the two jars.
I had 'salsa bowls' on my make list, not sure exactly what they'd be. So I made that one on the right first and thought, Well that's pretty boring. The next three got pushed around a bit and are more fun. They'll all get handles tomorrow.
These vases will all get some feet and handles tomorrow too.
I finished off with some decorating and mixed up some white slip to add to what I already had. It had gotten too thin so hopefully it'll be just right for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, in addition to finishing this stuff up, I'll make some plates and maybe a couple teapots. Then it's going to be time to fire.