My Helper

Sarah was kind enough to come out and help me slip my platters. It was far less messy that way and I didn't end up with slipped feet.

Man, I wish I had her around all day...but I'd never get any work done since she's so pretty and I'd just be staring at her all day long.
I've been adding feet to my vases since making the switch to earthenware. I haven't had any seepage problems, but this way I can glaze the bottom of the pot on the outside too (inside the footrings). Plus, it makes them taller!
Well these little salsa pots got some wacky handle treatment and a nice coat of slip after lunch.
I had a good long chat with my pal Niel yesterday. He's up in Madison, Wisconsin and hopefully will start blogging soon. (no pressure there Niel). He's been encouraging me along with my slipware.

I have to say I'm feeling less self conscious about it and that I feel like it's kind of taking on a life of it's own. I am really wanting to work on my drawings, having some more action, some feeling of a story maybe, or of these characters that are showing up on my pots. I'm not sure about the action part. Sure the birds are flying, but to where? or .... well I don't know. And the fish...what are they doing? hanging out? Maybe they should be doing what fish do...which is what? swim? See I don't know yet. But I'll play around and see. Maybe bigger fish that are swallowing ships, or people, or small fish dancing on the back of an eel. ? Or maybe just something totally silly and unrealistic, like fish in a car being pulling by a flock of birds. Okay I'm just rambling on so I'll go. Bye.