Look Around

I tend to be pretty observant. Sometimes to a fault, like when I'm driving and Sarah catches me looking way back at something we just passed. She has to keep reminding me to watch where I'm going. (and "to drive faster grandpa", but that's another story).

I like to point out things I'm seeing, 'they poured the curbs on that driveway.', 'did you see that big, white dog?', 'what's up with that guy's hair?', 'look at THAT (pointing frantically).'

Anyhow, Sarah gets the worst of it and sometimes I feel like I should just shut up and keep things to myself. But I can't. I like noticing things and I can't help but say something. I just want to share I guess.

I think a lot of folks live in a world with their blinders on and never see the good stuff. I take joy in the small flowers on the side of the road, or watching construction workers placing tall poles on a slab of concrete or catching a glimpse of the guy cooking noodles in the kitchen at the Vietnamese restaurant.

I'm not sure how I use the information I see, or if it benefits me in any way. I do like to make up stories about total strangers, and maybe being observant will keep me from getting hit by a falling piece of space junk or allow me to witness a small miracle. (Although I have to say I could be in a 3 acre, well mowed field and still step in a pile of dog poop. I'm doomed in that way.)

Anyhow I'm thinking about this because I noticed that Keri Smith has a new book(click that for a little tour of the book, be sure to click the arrows when you get there) coming out in October and it seems to be about being an explorer, an observer, and how to take the things we see and use them or analyze them and make them part of our art or life or whatever. You may remember Keri from the entry I did on Wreck This Journal.

Keri is pretty amazing and I just feel like she oozes creativity. Anyhow, I'll probably have a copy when the book comes out.

So I am observing that it is time to get back to work. Lunch hour over. I'll be back later.