Get the Wobble On

I made these plates and then lifted them off the wheel head and onto these batts. That made them move around a bit. I'm pretty good at making sort of wobbly bowls and cups but my plates always end up round. (who needs that?) Anyhow this is an effort to whack them out some.I saw Warren Mackenzie make pots at a demo once and he warned against making bowls that had the common hemisphere shape. Well, what Warren says is the Gospel right? Ah, not really but I do like these bowls. I feel like making these sort of shapes is more of who I am and how I've learned to move the clay than anything else. It's not everyone's thing. I also feel like it works with my deco, which is a bit on the loose side. I am finding it challenging to get the feet on these right though. I have a Don Reitz bowl that has a great loose foot. I need to look at that again. I've been looking at my oribe pottery book again. I wish they'd show the bottom of some bowls. Of course I've got a few Ron Meyer's pots to scrutinize too.
These pitchers/jugs aren't too whacked out. I intended them to be more hourglass shaped. Maybe next time. I also made a couple teapots today.
I am running out of clay faster than I had expected. So I got a bunch of slop drying in these old bisque pots. Hopefully tomorrow I can use some of it.
The clay in the racks seems to be drying at a fast pace too so that is good. Maybe I can start getting some out by early next week.