Mixing It Up Wednesday.

Looks like today will be a day of slipping and decorating. Plenty of pots under plastic out in the shop needing attention.

I am starting to work on smaller series of pots. Having a smaller kiln is one reason for that, others being that I have to keep up with slipping and decorating things before they get too dry. Maybe this will lead to me paying more attention to the details and producing better pots.

I've had weird dreams every night so far this week. Most have been re occurrences of old dreams but I had a particularly disturbing one Sunday night that had me down on the ground spitting out my teeth. (sorry I know that's gross). My teeth were coming out and I had no control. I was helpless and terrified. Yes, I've already looked up some interpretations of all that. Conclusion...I'm a wreck. Ha.

Is anyone reading anything good? (I know these things have nothing to do with pottery). I went to the library on Monday and came home with Fight Club and once again, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Well I read half of Fight Club and decided I was over it. At one time I was into books about self destruction, serial killers, horrible things...now, well not so much. So I dropped Fight Club off in the return bin yesterday and checked out The Poisonwood Bible which I am enjoying. I've read Bird by Bird twice already, but I love Anne Lamott's wonderful sense of being. Her instructions of how to be a better writer certainly can be applied to being a better artist.

Okay. Well enough of all that. I just thought I'd mix it up a bit today. I'm off to work.