Drawn on Pots from 2005

Brandon wrote and reminded me of these pots I had made back in Nov. of 2005. These were fired in my salt kiln. I had slipped the trays and then incised them, after bisquing I rubbed a black stain in the lines before they went into the salt kiln. Not bad. I really didn't follow this idea through very far. Honestly, my kiln at that time was beginning to falter. It's never recovered. It has a lot of salt residue in it and my atmosphere was going all over the place. I later figured out the atmosphere problem, but still had this scummy problem with my kaolin slips. It was frustrating having these brown, wrinkled, dry patches on the pots. It would have been even worst over decorated pots.

I think if I do go back to high fire salt or low fire salt for that matter, that it will probably be with a wood fired kiln. Fuel costs aren't going to get any better. I'm pretty much a salt glazer at heart so this could happen, even on earthenware (since I've been taken over to the dark (clay) side by Doug and Hannah).

It would be awesome to be able to say "I'm a potter that salt glazes earthenware in a woodfired kiln".

Michael Kline has mentioned to me that he has a friend who is experimenting with this sort of thing. Maybe it's time I find out more.

Thanks Brandon.