Glaze. Again. And a Big Bowl.

Hey, thanks to you guys who all wrote in regarding my glaze problems (again). Really it wasn't so bad this morning, just a glitch (I hope). My test of the old G.B. glaze with 2% iron came out full of iron spots. Agggggghhhh.... I know I sieved it, but it was some new black iron that I'd bought so maybe it's different. So I sieved it again (twice), dipped a test, made two more quick tests with red iron and popped them all into the test kiln. Hopefully tomorrow there will be no screaming and I'll be glazing a kiln load of pots.

Finishing up teapots today and the large bowls. Decorated this big guy from last week finally. After shooting that first image I felt like it could use one more line so I drew that in and I do think that's better. Sorry you all have been looking at greenware for weeks, I promise glazed pots soon.

For the record, I did try some LG10 commercial glaze and it did great over a new white slip I mixed up but it crazed like..... well like crazy.... on my regular white slip. It's a no go. Too expensive anyhow.

I had my first class of the session at Clayworks on Tuesday. I 've got a good group again. Tonight I'm subbing for Julie as she's at the Utiliatrian Clay Conference (I sure hope she's taking good notes for me). So I'll be off to Charlotte again in a few hours.

That's it for today.