Kristin Pavelka

I had a great talk with Kristin Pavelka last night on the phone. I called her to get some feedback on my glaze crazing and to get her feelings on the issue. I met Kristin at the Minnesota Potter's Tour and had admired her pots there. She was so helpful and reassuring. I have gotten so tied up in all this testing that I'm losing sight of moving on with my firings. I have to be where I am for a while and let all this develop as it will. Patience, Ron-san.

Coming from my stoneware background I don't feel like I am part of the earthenware community yet. Maybe that's silly but I guess I feel like a newbie again so I am hesitant to put myself out there. (which is silly to say too , because I do that everyday here on the blog) Well, Kristin was very helpful, and I have to say I could have talked to her for hours as she has that wonderful, sweet Minnesotan accent. To see (and purchase) Kristin's pots you can visit her Etsy store. She also makes great recycled wool oven mitts.