The show at in Charlotte was great. Sarah and I stayed for a couple of hours looking at all the pots and visiting with our potter friends. It was wonderful to see Michael and have a little chat with him. His pots really looked great. You can't fully appreciate them until you see them in person. I love the way the slip crackles and of course the deco is amazing. I've got to get up to visit M.K. at his new studio this fall.

I didn't take enough pictures as always. It was also good to visit with our friend Ronan. He was practically sold out by the time we got there.
We saw bloggers Shane, Bruce and Samantha, and Kyle. Kyle was busy everytime I went by his space, but I did get in there to handle his pots. I am loving the deco he is doing. You can visit his blog for some videos of him in action.
Blaine and Laura Avery were also there.

We managed to get out without making any purchases which was a miricle because there were about 20 pots I wanted.

After lunch at Lang Van (can't go to Charlotte and not have Vietnamese) we headed home for a relaxing evening with a movie.