Over the past few weeks I've received some really nice gifts.  I've shared some already, like the cups from Tom Gray and the clay and mug from Doug.

I'm really blessed with many good friends.  Thanks to you all for the gifts.  Here are a few more things I've gotten lately.

Brad made it back from China and brought me this wonderful Yixing teapot.  I've always wanted one and I treasure this one since it was brought directly to me from China.  He also gave me some nice teas as well as some carving tools.  Thanks Brad!

Yixing teapot

Doug surprised me with this little handled bowl.  I went on about these when I saw them on his blog so it's totally cool to have one.  I love handled bowls.  This one is made from the Hollyford clay that Doug digs near his workshop.

Handled Bowl

This cool ornament was made by my pal Jen Mecca.  It's hollow inside and rattles if you shake it.  It had a fancy, glittery cord but I took it off  for some reason.  I'm going to string it up in my shop.Ornament

I just got this mug last week.  Some friends from Charlotte made a trip to England last year and they visited Paul Jessop.  Paul sent me this little mug back with them.  I love the simplicity of the finger wipes and the rich amber glaze.  It's my first P.J. pot!

Paul Jessop Mug

No snow here in Shelby yet but this little ornament from Hannah gets me in the mood for some of the white stuff.  Thanks Hannah!

Ornament by Hannah McAndrew

Michael Kline and I did a gift exchange at Christmas and I got these two beauties.  Michael's work is like nothing else we have.  The surfaces on these are truly unique.  I had a nice piece of pecan pie off the bird plate last night.

Michael Klein PotsLike I said, I do feel very fortunate indeed to have such great friends out there, many of whom I've met over the past couple years here on the blog.  Thanks to you all for the great gifts, Sarah and I will treasure them and use them for years to come.

I sure hope I didn't forget anyone.