Today is MINE

kitchen jar detailI have all day to myself.  Yea!

My acupuncture appointment was amazing yesterday.  She worked mostly on my left elbow which has been giving me major problems for about 6 months and been a minor issue for years.  Tuesday night I really botched it and could barely move my arm Wednesday morning.  Today it feels much better.  I'm going to have to take it easy and I have another appointment in a few weeks for more needles and cupping.

I looked back in the archives to see what I was doing a year ago today.  Mixing clay!!  Too cold out there for that today.

I am planning on writing  a post soon about my first year in earthenware and the Switch from salt glazing to what I'm doing now.

Well for now I'm off to do some drawing and then out to the shop.

Have a great Friday everyone.