A 'Lid' of Tea

Scoring a lid of gensing tea.I just learned a couple of weeks ago what the 'lid' in "Score a lid", means.

Of course I knew it had to do with drugs but me, Mr. Naive, thought it had to do with cocaine or something.

A more experienced person (who was born at least 15 10 yrs before me) told me it was a measure of marijuana used by dealers.  So he could get a "lid" of grass for say,  $15.  My source said that during his time the lid was a standard mayonnaise jar lid.  Okay. So much for drug trivia.

Above you see that I prefer to partake in less controversial and perfectly legal substances.  This is ginseng tea.  It's oolong tea covered in ginseng powder.  My friend Amy once said after drinking this tea, "This must be what doing drugs is like!"  Sweet Amy.  She's right though, this is gooooood stuff.

So I have a lid of tea there.  That should last me many days, with multiple infusions, and cost about 10 cent a cup.

Man, you just never know what I'm gonna put up here on the blog, heh?  Well maybe later I'll post some pots.  Oh, now for another cup.  (I'm not addicted to this stuff you know)

[Cup by Linda Christensen]