Loose foot and drywall in the closet

Today was productive in a few ways.  I got in the shop before lunch and made a run of dinner plates (9), and got some slabs on plaster.  I was inspired by Marky Mark , Doug's pal, to quickly make this little dish.  I draped the slab on a plaster mold, gave it a spin on the banding wheel and cut the rim into place.  I then made a doughnut and threw the foot on. (Still on the banding wheel)  I love the looseness of this foot.  I'd like to get that on my regular plates.  It's much different than a cut foot.  slab_dish


I headed to town for some errands after lunch.  I picked up the drywall for the upstairs closet while I was out. My dad, brother in law and neighbor came over and helped me get it hung.  It went up quick with all the good help.  I still have to finish screwing it off and I won't starting finishing it until we hang the rest in the stair well.  (which is almost all framed in)  Boy, Sarah is sure gonna be surprised when she gets home tonight!

I sent in my application for Penland today too.  I sure hope I get the class I want.  I've not had much luck with that place in the past.

closetAND....I have supper already.  Rock on!