First Real Post of 2009

Jar with Washline

Here we are several days into 2009 and I don't feel like I've taken any time to reflect or look back on 2008.

I've been obsessed with getting things right here on this new site, but I still have things to work out.  I'll get it, but it's kept me from making a post of any worth.  So I'm just going to dive in here and move forward.  I'll work the kinks out as I go.

It's funny that just this time last year I was mixing up my first big batch of earthenware clay.  In a short time I was hooked and moving right along.  I have made good progress with this work this year and I look forward to what's to come.

2008 was a year of growth for me in many ways, I think I came accept myself for who I am a little more (still a ways to go), I tried to put myself out there and be honest, and I took some risks, in my work and in other parts of my life.  Risk taking...that would be  good post (maybe later).

I feel more happy and content right now than I have in a long time.  Which is nice, but also worrisome.  I don't want to feel too comfortable you know. Ha.

I'm looking forward to 2009.  One day at a time of course.  I certainly hope to visit my pals over in the UK this year and to do some travelling around the States.  Sarah and I have plenty of work on the house to keep us busy.  I'll be teaching at Clayworks, doing some shows and hanging out with the Circle group.  I hope I can be more attentive to my vegetable garden this year too.

Well enough already, plenty of posts to come.
By the way I had 477 posts in 2008, that was up from 287 in 2007.