Gone Missing

Jar_fish portraitjar_goat portraitI've mis-placed my wallet.  It's very aggravating.  I remember having it Thursday night.  I got my library card out of it and renewed all my materials on line.   I didn't leave the house on Friday until that evening and by then I had noticed it was not on the end table by the couch or on my desk.  So it's got to be around here somewhere.  Agggggrrrrrrhhhh.

Last year I found Karma out in the yard chewing on it.  For now my theory is that she's carried it outside and dropped it somewhere.  I've looked all around out there.  I've looked in the trash too and the laundry and under the couch.

Well it will turn up.  I guess.

BTW, there was no money in it.

I'll have some new pots up to show tomorrow.

Here's the last jar I made for this cycle.  (Just in case you didn't read earlier, those orange marks are ink and will burn away)