Just out of the Kiln

IMG_1854Cups with undies and socks.

IMG_1856I took the subtle hint from Michael Kline and added more leaves to this design above.  Next time, I'll use more green.

IMG_1857Owls. Hoot, Hoot.

IMG_1858Misc. pots.  A couple satin  matt tests there in the corner.  I'm going to use these on my animal sculptures.  You can see the bird there has the green on it.  The bird had already been dipped in white slip.  Those tests are on bare clay and I like the color better.

I'll pack most of these pots up to go to the Circle of Eight Sale along with tons more from the showroom.  I have some really nice work so I hope if you're in the area that you'll make it to the show.

Below are two side handled teapots I made today.  It's been ages since I've made these.