Back Online, & Back to Work

IMG_1924Things are a bit hectic around here as the week begins.  I am happy to be back online at home though.

I think today is the only day of sunshine forecast for the week so I am trying to take advantage of that and move these pots on through the process.  I am in charge of hosting a reception tonight at the Arts Council so most of this afternoon will be preparing food and getting ready for that.

As far as pots and business I am very, very happy!!  I had 3 shows in a row and each one of them was amazingly successful.  I am excited about the pots I am making and I am thankful to those who are supporting me by buying them.  The showroom is almost bare, which is a first I think, and I have a large supply of clay now.  So I will be making, making, making from now until December to get ready for more shows and orders. Thanks again to eveyone who came out and saw me at the shows and out to the Home Sale.

All for now I guess.  I have lots of blogs to catch up on, but that will have to wait till later.  Cheers.