Back at Work

IMG_2001That looks pretty bad doesn't it?  Ha.  Well I'm happy to say I got it all back together and the dryer is rocking now!

I'm getting back into full swing this week.  I've been a bit off lately due to us going out of town for a couple days during the week last week and just dealing with some emotional stuff that has caused me tons of tension.  I feel better for sure.

From now until Christmas I'm going to be cranking.  Still a couple shows to do and a gallery order to fill.  I have some personal orders too.  So, there's to be no slacking.

I sent a big box of pots to NC Crafts Gallery in Carrboro today.  If you are in the area be sure to go by.

I am also taking more work up to Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville,NC this week.  That work is actually in the kiln right now.

Speaking of galleries I'm looking for some new outlets.  Anywhere in the country.  If you have suggestions leave me a comment with the name and any details, website included.  I'll send them a packet and see what happens.  Thanks!!!!