Making Room


We had 78 cups in the cabinet!  I cleared out about half of them yesterday to go into storage or be given away.  We have another 25 on display on some open shelves.  Those are all staying out.  Most of the ones going into storage were made by me.  I'm keeping them for my 50 year retrospective. Ha.

IMG_2036I also have this stack of plates and some bowls to pack up.  There are a few more bowls to go , I just haven't decided which ones yet.

We have lots of kitchen pots, bowls, cups, plates. salad plates, tumblers etc.  Many I have made, but really the majority are by other potters.  It seems many of mine slip in as Sarah will often pick a favorite from a kiln and I will too  and before we know it we have cup overload.

Happy Monday.