IMG_2153I had a good laugh with a couple who came in the booth on Saturday.  The wife noticed how some of my squirrels reminded her of an Eddie Izzard skit.  They asked if I knew who Eddie Izzard was and I said yes that Sarah and I love his comedy.  Here's a bit of Eddie's squirrel act. (rated R for language).

So funny.

Folks like to tell me how much they either love or hate certain animals. Squirrels especially.  I like squirrels myself.  I think they are pretty amazing acrobats and survivalists.  Sure they may raid your bird feeder, but if you put a big pile of cheeseburgers out in your yard everyday I'd sure be over there!  And I know they destroy wiring and insulation and such too, but come on man, you're a human, surely you can figure out a way to keep them out of your attic. (Maybe not, squirrels, or their ancestors, have been around longer than us)

Anyhow, it's cool to be making things that people are drawn to and that they relate to in some way.  I even had a lady tell me, I'm gonna buy my husband a squirrel mug just to torture him.  True love.