Tuesday. Moving Right Along.

This is the list I started with for the week.  I made my way through it yesterday and today.  I made a few adjustments along the way.  I think I only made 18 cups but I added 4 tankards, and I threw 12 plates today instead of 15.  I decided to make 3 medium size mixing bowls too.  I really like a  mixer this size, they are good for scrambling eggs or mixing dressing.


I only made one jar.  I'm sort of in jar limbo right now. Not knowing exactly what shape I want them to be.  I have plenty of jars in the showroom too so I didn't feel bad for skipping out on the last two.

I totally skipped luncheon plates.  I decided to double the number of pasta bowls instead.  It's been awhile since I made any and I was having a good go with them.  Luncheon plates can wait.


Sarah suggested some creamers so I made 4 of those first thing this morning. You can see them below on the left.  They won't get a handle.  I like to put those two little dimples in the sides and that's just fine to pick them up.


I made two of these  double dishes too.  It's been a couple of years since I've made any of these.  They will get a handle (probably) tomorrow).

IMG_2162 I didn't make the animals yet.  Probably do that tomorrow if I have time.  There's plenty of trimming to do now and then slipping and drawing.  Also going to see Neko Case tomorrow night!!!!  Fun night out with our friends Jen Mecca and her husband Joey.

Oh and I made some spoon rests today too.  Ha, just a little something of an inexpensive item to have on hand for the Sale.