Critical Mass

IMG_2077The studio is reaching critical mass.  If something doesn't happen soon I expect a vortex will open up in there and suck all this away.  I can't stand for it to get this cluttered, with pots in all stages.  I did manage to get all my cups and some bowls drawn on today.  The plates didn't get footed though.  Well there is always tomorrow, and I'll be glazing a load to go in the kiln, which will free up some shelf space.

I didn't get much time in the studio today because I drove an order of pots to Pottery 101 in Salisbury, NC.  It was good to get them there because my work had dwindled way down.  If you are in that area be sure to drop by.  It's a really nice space and the owner, Cheryl, is first rate.  Located at 101 Main Street in Salisbury.

Roast chicken in the oven for dinner tonight!!