Keeping on...


I was looking back at my Potter's Journal from this time last year and found this image.  Since June of this year my images have changed quite a bit, becoming less cartoon-y and somewhat more anatomically correct.  I think.   This earthenware journey is taking me to new places.  I am itching to change things up a bit more now.  Today I mixed a batch of terra sigilatta.  I'm going to do some colorant tests as soon as it's ready.

Sarah and I were talking about how my recent work isn't as 'Ron-ish' as it used to be.  We talked about how I tended to handle the work a bit more in the past, leaving more marks of the making as well as brushing on the slip so it had a thick/thin quality to it.  I think in general it had a carefree quality to it that is lacking now.  Something I am thinking about.  I have to just get out there and make pots for things to happen.  Anything forced will look...forced.

Something happened recently that made me awkwardly aware of how much I've allowed my artistic influences to be very up front in my pots.  This is a subject I've wanted to talk about for sometime but haven't gotten to it.  I've already promised a post on alternative selling methods, so that will come first and then this other thing.

For now the journey continues.