Winter Mix


Happy Christmas Eve!

Just thought I'd put up a mix of photos since there is not much potting going on at the moment.  Above are some doves that were in the driveway yesterday morning.  Good subjects for later drawings.

Below is a bowl that came out of the kiln over the weekend.  This was part of an order of lily bowls, the others were done in sgraffito with the white slip left in the back ground and colored with glaze.  This one I did just for kicks to see what it would be like to remove all the excess slip around the flower.  Not bad.


I also did a bit of underglaze painting on some tiles, again just for fun.  I had several, but really it's harder to do and get good results than I imagined.  This one isn't too bad.  My problem is often that I don't know when to stop.  Quentin Blake says "Stop before you think you should."


Our big cat Loupey out this morning enjoying the sunshine.


My terror sig seems to be suffering from separation anxiety.