Sarah and I have had a very nice Christmas with our family and friends.  The holiday will actually continue for us as Sarah's siblings and their children come in from out of town over the weekend.


Last night Sarah and I opened the cider I had ordered from Westcott Bay Orchards.  We pretty much got hooked on cider while we were in England.  (Thanks to Paul and Marion, and Doug and Hil).  When we got back home I tried some of the so called ciders in the grocery.  YUCK!  It wasn't until I ran across this article on the web that I found out that true cider was being made by some small operations on both coasts.

The Westcott Bay Traditonal Dry was my favorite.  I'm hoping to order some bottles from Eve's Cidery in New York state this coming year.

If you're interested in the early history of apples and cider in the United States you should read the first chapter of Michael Pollan's book The Botany of Desire.

Well that's all for now.  Regular pottery related posts should resume in the coming week.