Slow Start

Mark Hewitt Mug

I haven't made it out to the shop yet.  Still having my tea in this nice Mark Hewitt mug.  Juicy eh?

After my play time with that jar last night I thought how cool it would be to get as close to finished with each pot right off the wheel.  Working pretty wet.  Ruthanne Tudball makes most of her pots in this manner, even assembling teapots after all the parts are freshly thrown.

I don't know, but it would be a fun experiment.  It could get messy and a bit too wacky if I'm not careful.    Maybe I'll play around with some things as I work on the next kiln load.

Below is a Chuck Hindes jar that I really like.  I applied to take a class with Chuck and Ron Meyers at Penland this summer.  It would be amazing to be around those two guys for a couple weeks.

Chuck Hindes Jar

I've been scouring the web for jar shapes that I like.  Japanese water jars that were used in the tea ceremony are really turning me on.  I'll try and post some pics of those or put up a link or two later on.  I'm sure this jar was inspired by those water jars.

Better get on out to work.  I'm teaching at Clayworks this evening.  I'm going to be demoing some altered pitcher shapes, with spouts.  That should be something most of my students haven't seen or done before.  Have a good day.