Week's End

Bisque Plates

Man, I'm glad this week is over.  I've been kinda grumpy and out of sorts in the studio too.  I've been trying some large jars and they just have not gone well (hence the lack of any pics of them).  The one's I did keep proved to be very, very challenging in the deco. dept.  What do you draw on a 16 lb jar?  Does the scale of the drawings get bigger?  Do I break it up into sections?  Should I have covered less in slip so as to have different areas to use?  And on and on....  So questions are good right?

I was happy today to unload a bisque kiln on modestly sized pots, plates and mugs and bowls.  I looked at them and thought, "well now these aren't totally bad, I'm learning how to do these .  So I will get them all glazed on Sunday and back in the kiln.

I tried some different slip patterns on two boards of plates today too.  Here's one board:SlippedI'm interested in having more bare clay showing.  I am also wanting to mix up a yellowish slip to start using over this white one.  Contrasting pours and such.  I still haven't done my glaze tests either.

Tomorrow I am going to an Allison McGowan workshop.  I don't know much about her, so it should be fun.