Bowling for Dollars

The Arts Council had it's annual Bowling for Dollars fundraiser today.  We had 252 bowls donated by potters and folks paid $15  to come in, pick a bowl and have a soup lunch.  Tickets sold out last week and the crowd came early to line up.


Peggy and Faye are the soup ladies, ladling out soup for a couple hours.  I am the 'soup runner', the kitchen is upstairs so I have to bring the big stockpots of soup down to them when needed.  I got my exercise in today.img_0216This is a great fundraiser for us.  We have a fantastic kitchen crew who work two days making the soups, desserts and bread.  Lots of other volunteers chip in too so the day runs smoothly.  Thanks everyone who was there today and thanks to the potters for donating bowls.