Video test

[youtube rnaWQ7HUypA]

I am trying to figure out how to put up videos here on my site. This WP stuff is more complex than Blogger, or so it seems. So why am I here? Well I just am. Anyhow I now know how to put YouTube videos up. Not bad, it only took my an hour to sift through a bunch of info and try various plugins. This one uses the bracket method. (if you care to know).

Now what i want to know is this...can I just upload video from my camera card? How? I've tried a few things and I was running into the problem of the file size being too large. So after 40 min of chat with my host I learned how to edit my code and increase the php size of my posts and uploads (are you asleep yet?) So that piece of code has been changed to allow 75M as opposed to 2M. Still I can't just upload it directly (Blogger spoiled me). What a pain? Anyhelp from WP users is welcome.
For now I'm gonna upload to YouTube and then go from there to here. (That seems like waaaaay too much to ask).

Thanks to Matt and Doug for this funny clip.