Well Received

openingLast night's opening was fairly well attended and on top of that I sold quite a few pots.  Yea!  Here are some young ladies chatting it up in front of my display.

It was good to see all the potters and catch up.  I'll try to get back up there and shoot some images of other's pots.

My work was well received and I had lots of questions, the main one being, "Why is it is raining socks?"  Duh, isn't it obvious?  I had fun standing back watching people respond to the drawings.  I saw smiles, confused looks, and heard giggling .  Some folks shared the stories they made up about the 'characters'.  So it seems like I'm making pots that are enjoyable on another level other than function.    That's really cool to me.

All for now.  If you want to read a good story about 3 Englishmen stranded in a pub during a snowstrom click HERE.