coralineSarah and I went to see Coraline last night.  I love stop animation and this film delivered in so many ways.  Beautifully crafted.  The 3D effects were pretty remarkable too.  I think the last 3D movie I saw was JAWS 3 .  Whew, that's been a while.  Anyhow, any time I go to see something like this I try to clear my mind and get back into my 1o year old boy head.  It makes it more fun.

I read the book by Neil Gaiman just last week.  The movie deviates a bit from the book.  I rather like the story in the book more to tell the truth.   And I think the book is more creepy since I envisioned all the characters as humans (not puppets).  That said the movie in itself is pretty brilliant.  Highly recommended.