I spent a lot of energy today throwing some 10 lb dishes and messing around with handles on them.  I think I made 10 or 11 and only kept 3.  Still it was good to experiment but maybe I should have chosen a smaller pot.

My plan was to throw the dish and attach handles while it was still wet, getting a bit of distortion into the pot in that process.  I've been doing that with my jars lately.

I tried a number of things on this first pot.  img_0113

This one  ended up with a wild rim, no handles, and not what I wanted.img_0118

After cutting these handles out I folded them over but not with success.  The handles looked fussed with and not tall enough after folding.  I may give this another chance but next time I'll let the pot set up for a couple hours before folding the handles over.img_0119

I'll add some handles to this square dish tomorrow.  I've made smaller ones like this so it was a bit of a challenge to make it from 10 lbs and not look too floppy and loose.  I'll see if I like it tomorrow, if not it can go in the pugmill.img_0120

I kept the two dishes below also.  Both have been done before.  I don't know if they will get handles or not.  Probably not the wavey one.img_0121