img_0008My firing this week was another good one.  I did try some trailing of glaze and really it was terrible so I'm not going to put any of those pots up here.  Basically the color was way too strong and the component of the trailing just didn't fit with the whole pot.  So, that learned I may try again with a different approach.  I haven't fired any of the pots with the latex resist yet.  I feel like those are going to have a very subtle way about the surface, which may be more successful.  Also I am going to test this amber glaze with less colorant.  I really like the amber and want to use it more with the drawings.  I do think it's a bit dark now and maybe if I can drop the oxide down by a few % then I will like it better and I may even be able to layer the two.

Okay that's that.  Thanks for checking in.