NC Potter's Conference

I am happy that I got to attend the Conference this year, even though it was very last minute and I missed the first day, I brought home lots of information and ideas to think about and work through.  Mark Pharis has been an inspiration for many years.  He started out as a thrower and studied under Warren Mackenzie at the Univ. of Minnesota.  I see Pharis as someone who has pushed the boundaries of functional pottery, from forms and surfaces to marketing and philosophy.  He's way smarter than I am but the little pieces I can grab onto certainly give me food for thought.  It was also good to hear him say he hasn't figured certain things out.  I wish I would have seen his slide show on Friday, I would like to know more about his early days as a potter.


Of course Phil Rogers is one of my all time heroes.  I've seen Phil make pots before and heard him speak.  He is a contemporary potter with a solid traditional background and skill set that is appealing to me.  He comes at pots from the Leach/Hamada school of thought.  I certainly love his forms and understated way of finishing pots.

Allegheny Meadows on the other hand seemed to come from a more art school background.  He is a thinker too, an analyzer, smart and well spoken.  My impression was that his inspiration for pots comes from nature as well as a cerebral place.  I can appreciate what Meadows knows and does, he's certainly a skilled maker.  His pots however don't particularly appeal to me in the same way that Roger's pots do.  I'll try and talk about this more later.  I think it's very interesting why one kind of pot is more appealing to me than another, why this is so, and how that may change with time or other circumstances.

sm_pr_al1When I first attended this Conference over 10 years ago it was for me more about techniques and watching how the presenters made their pots.  Now it's more about learning why we make pots a certain way or how things change or do not change over years of making.  It's also a good place for me to see and learn how other makers think, what inspires them, and to realize that really whatever I do I can develop my work and mind and put pots out there that speak of me and that hopefully will speak to others.

Last but not least, this Conference is so wonderful because I get to see old friends and make new ones (which I did plenty of this year esp.).

Okay, s0 more later, for now it's out to work.  I'll put up a video of me footing a plate soon.  Have a great Monday.