Catching Up A Bit

Just wanted to get some images up here and say Hi.   Hi!

I have loads of pots under plastic in various stages of making.  Some are ready to be drawn on, others are ready for handles, or latex, or slipping.  My Spring Sale is next weekend so I am going to work through the weekend getting everything finished and ready for the kiln.

The county side is greening up all around me.  Karma and I took a nice walk on Wednesday.  We stopped by the livestock yard to visit the piggies.  They were happy to see us (thinking we would feed them I'm sure) and ran around and around stirring up the dust.  The pots are a few jars I made the other day, basically the same body shape with various lids.  I hope I don't ruin them when I go to do the deco.

[gallery link="file"]

That's all for now. Just wondering how you like this little gallery format for images?  Would you rather have the full size image posted?  Or is this okay from time to time.

Have a good Friday.