Today was a better day all around as far as my Sale went  .  The weather was sunny and breezy unlike yesterday which was gray and soggy.  Many more folks came out to visit and buy pots.   Thanks to you all!  I still have a good inventory though and I'll take some nice pots to the Clayworks Spring Sale this coming weekend.

Jen Mecca and Allison McGowan came out together.  It was good to have a little visit with them and I think they were my lucky charms b/c after they got here a steady stream of people began to arrive.

Jenn and Allison

Vicki Gill came by too with her new pup Cherokee.  Vicki and I talked about the great showthat's up at Akar now.

VickiLooks like we are going to have a couple days of sunshine before the rain returns on Wednesday.  I'm planning on working outside tomorrow and probably not making any pots till the middle of the week.  Check back soon to see what's happening.