pizza(Pizza from Sunday nite.  Yummy)

I've been thinking about 'Routine' a lot this week.  It's something that comes up for me often in my head and I go over and over and over what I think I want my normal daily routine to be and how to get to the place where I am living that routine.  I bet if I looked back in my journals, I'd find in a two week period an entry that had a timeline in it that looked like this:

6:30 get out of bed
Journal and draw till 7:30 with tea.
Meditate (15-30 minutes) or exercise /maybe yoga.
Check email and blog.
9:30 or 10  out to work.
1pm lunch then short nap.  Tea and chocolate.
2-5 work.

and so on.  Now I don't have much of a problem with any of this.  Other than getting up at 6:30.  I'd really like to get up at 6.  Presently I get up at 7am.  I am working my way back, slowing.  Instead of forcing a big change, I'm going to work back in 15 or 30 min. intervals until I am getting up at 6.  That may take another 2 months.

I get discouraged with my work week b/c it seems that more and more I am having meetings to attend.  Most of these have to do with the Arts Council.  So I'd like to have a weekly routine too.  This would figure in meetings, grocery shopping, trip to the landfill, postoffice etc.

Do I sound a bit anal in wanting all this?  Is it important?  I mean it must be a little bit since I think about it so much.  I feel sort of stupid putting it out here.  You know sometimes I have things in my head that seem like a big deal, but once I speak them out loud or write them down I say, "Man that's not so important.  Why did I spend so much time worrying about that?"

Another part of this is just wanting to spend my time in a way that feels good to me.  That currently means turning off the television, not checking my email 10 times a day (regulating computer time), and making good use of my studio time.

I've started making a list of 3 things I'd like to accomplish in the day.  Usually they are simple and direct.  Today I have:
Set up photo shoot with Holly.
Load kiln.
Order flagstones.

So nothing huge, but if I get those things done today along with some work in the shop. I'll be happy.

Well enough of this for now.  I must get on with whatever is next...