Salt Pots

The salt firing went well.  My dinner ware came out looking fine although a good many of these are slightly wobbly.  I find it difficult to get a good flat plate in a salt kiln.  The plates have to be made to withstand being set up on wads, plus in my case my shelves aren't too flat either.  There is the alternative to putting alumina on the feet, but I don't like the way the foot comes out of the kiln dry.  So anyhow I made enough to cover some warpage.

Ron's plates

Below are some of Jen Mecca's pots.  Jen usually works in porcelain but did plenty of salt firing in college.

Jen Mecca's pots

There were more pots in the firing but they have been packed up and taken home.  Ralph Mello from Charlotte had some nice bottle forms with roped deco.

Here's a pic of the kiln for those of you who haven't seen it before.

Salt Kiln

I also had an order for an animal pot that had a turtle with a bird on it's back.  I used to make these often.   Which ever one isn't picked for the order will go up for sale on my Etsy site.Turtle and Bird jars